This is the big hand off where you meet your new piece of furniture in person for the first time.  Don't get nervous.  It will be okay.  Final payment due upon delivery.

Step 6. Delivery 

I know, it's about time.  I have found that if I don't go through these steps my scrap pile gets bigger.  As I build your piece of furniture I'll send you pictures to let you know how things are going.   

Step 5.  Woodworking

Before making sawdust you'll approve the drawing, a revised cost estimate, and a finish sample.  Prior to purchasing of materials I will require 1/2 of the final estimated price. 

Step 4. Design and Estimate Review

During the design we will finalize the wood species, finish, and I will draft a 3D model for you to get a sense of proportions and how the piece will go together.  

Here are the wood species I work with:
- Alder                 - Madrone  (when available)           
- Ash                   - Poplar
- Cherry              - Quartersawn White Oak
- Hickory            - Walnut
- Maple               - White Pine

Step 3. Design

Custom furniture's value is measured over generations and its initial price can't be compared to furniture sourced from different parts of the world with different labor practices.  Before we get too far down the road of furniture design I will prepare an initial cost estimate to give you a sense of whether or not the piece you want will fit in your budget.  Below is how I price my pieces:

Materials + Hourly Shop Rate + Sales Tax + Options = Final Price

My Shop Rate includes:

​     - Wages

     - Overhead

     - Shop Supplies

     - Profit

     - Charitable Contributions (10% of profit)

Options include Delivery or things like finishes that require exotic things like unicorn tears. 

Step 2. Initial Cost Estimate

Inspiration comes in many forms.  My strengths are being able to blend styles or combine aspects of multiple pieces you like into a singular piece that fits your space requirements.  Pictures are most helpful and strong opinions are often the easiest to work with.  I have many skills, but mind reading isn't one of them. 

Step 1. Inspiration

Glad you asked!  Below is the process I use to work with folks to develop furniture that has a story, soul, and is easy on the eyes.

How do I buy stuff?