This holiday favorite features ten figures, a stable, and a Wood for Good Furniture storage box.  All pieces are finished with environmentally friendly de-waxed shellac and then polished with carnauba wax.  A traditional Christmas decoration with a modern vibe. 


Nativity Set: $50

Shipping anywhere in the USA: $12.65

Washington State Residents pay applicable sales tax

Nativity Sets

Shaker Wall Clock

I usually try to include a little something extra when folks order a piece of furniture from me as a way to say thanks.  Sometimes people are just interested in purchasing my swag without a piece of furniture.  I'm in the process of making several more items, but here is what I currently have available:


Every neighborhood should have a Little Free Library!  12" Deep x 24" Wide x 36" Tall.  $300 - Primed, $350 Painted, $40 for mounting post.  Local (Spokane area) customers only, unless you are really nice.  

Shaker Mantle Clock

Set of 4, 4" square coasters made from free range, organic, cage free workshop scraps.  Some users report that these coasters keep cold drinks colder, hot drinks hotter, and suck the calories out of liquid.  These claims have not been verified.  $10 

A classic Shaker Wall clock in Cherry. 28" H x 10 1/4" W x 4 1/2" D $300

Roorkhee Chair

Little Free Library

Shaker Mantle clock in Cherry.  Adds a little sophistication to any mantel.  10 1/4" W x 10 1/4" H x 4.5" D  $200

Wood for Good Furniture T-shirt in Heather Gray.  Made in the USA by American Apparel.  I think these shirts have a remarkable slimming effect and could increase your IQ by 50 points.  Sizes Small through X-Large.  Price $20 

Shaker Two Step

The original camp chair!  Used by the British military in South Africa and India, this chair can be fully disassembled and packed into a bag.  Super comfy. Standard frame is 21 1/2" square.  Custom sizes available $375 for canvas, $500+ for Leather.  

Okay.....I know what you are expecting.  Something a bit less sophisticated than, but a few steps above an abacus.  It's coming, but for now Wood for Good is in the "alleged for profit" category.  Just so I don't spend more than I make on an online store, we are going to keep this relatively low tech to start with.  

Below are a few items that I tend to make in batches and have fixed pricing.  I'm still happy to do commission work or "one off" builds.  If you are interested drop me an e-mail at  I accept payment in the form of cash, check, gold, or Apple Watches.  I am also able to accept payment via credit card either in person or over the phone.  All items are shippable unless specified.  Sales tax applies to WA residents.  Prices good through September 30, 2015.

A super strong step stool in Cherry and soft maple.  Gives you the height your genes didn't.  16" H x 16" W x 16" D $150